Courageous Medical Workers are Fighting a Faceless Enemy.

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Heroic doctors, nurses and other medical workers sacrificed their lives taking on a deadly pandemic.


We honor their selfless service to humanity when we care for and educate children they left behind.


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The Medical Workers Scholarship Fund(MWSF)
We are in the process of creating the Medical Workers Scholarship Fund(MWSF). Its purpose is to raise funds to provide scholarships to sons and daughters of frontline medical workers who have lost their lives fighting Covid-19.   It takes massive doses of courage to go into battle against a worldwide pandemic with nothing but protective clothing defending against an unseen enemy.
In gratitude for their heroism fighting a pandemic, I believe we have a responsibility to take care of those affected by the loss of mothers and fathers who were doctors, nurses and nonmedical personnel charged with care of patients and maintenance of order and cleanliness. Together we should provide educational opportunities for their surviving children.
It is for that reason we intend to create a Medical Workers Scholarship Fund trust account into which donations, net of organizing expenses incurred, will be deposited.
As this MWSF project evolves, we intend to separate MWSF from Spirit of Freedom turning it over to established well-qualified executives and staff to implement the project mission and move it forward.
With the exception of organizing costs and grant writing expenses, all funds raised will be directed toward the scholarship mission: "The majority of banks have trust departments and offer their customers the option of opening a trust account. A trust account allows a person or entity to control the account's assets on behalf of a third party or beneficiary, such as setting up a college tuition(or other educational opportunity) fund. One of the main benefits of a trust account is that it allows the trust's creator, called the "grantor," to establish their own terms for how they want their assets managed and distributed to the beneficiaries."  
When MWSF is sufficiently able to operate on its own, we intend to set up the Medical Workers Scholarship Foundation to independently handle ongoing operations inclusive of managing the trust account.

We have a lot of work ahead to create a viable new charity.  Your contribution helps pay for organizing expenses. Please do not put it off.



Our Inspiration

Civilized societies provide care and comfort for all those in need. When a child experiences the devastating loss of a loving parent, growing up becomes difficult and burdensome.
Our plan is to model this project along the lines of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Marines raise funds to help pay for educating children of Marines. Children left behind by front-line medical workers who perished are no less deserving.


Our Project Mirrors the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation(MCSF)
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation(MCSF) works to fund scholarships for sons and daughters of present and former Marines, Navy Corpsmen and Chaplains. Recipients of scholarships are given awards in amounts commensurate with their individual circumstances and need.
Our Medical Workers Scholarship Fund project is working to emulate the success of the MCSF.