Our Mission is to help others achieve their dreams. We also create special projects as opportunities to serve become apparent.  Some are successful. Many are not. The ones that are keep us going.

Through the years we have earned our own way while making the most of opportunities to help others.  Our expenses are covered by earnings as outlined above and personal savings.

This Foundation is NOT a 501(C)3 tax-deductible organization.  We are a not for profit, non-government organization(NGO) currently processing necessary paperwork to become an IRS approved 501C(3).

My books are on Amazon.com

All royalties accrue to benefit our projects

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To Order:  Click on Pictures to go to Amazon.com for Digital eBooks to preview & buy Spirit of Freedom at $4.99.  The price is low to help spread the word about Capitalism vs. Socialism.

The hard copy upper left is $17.95 from Amazon.com.  $25 direct from me and signed.  An old friend read it when in Iceland telling me it should be required reading for every student. :)

Baskets of Mulligans is inspirational and life-changing.  Preview both books at Amazon.com.

Then decide.

All I can promise is each book contains important concepts intending to improve the lives of readers. Spirit of Freedom is geared to economic history. Baskets of Mulligans enriches one's personal life as well as those whose lives are touched in a search for happiness.

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